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Blue pus bacillus - "green bacteria" on the nail

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a bacterium that lives in water, soil and on plants. Produces a characteristic dye. We can then see a dark blue or dark green color on the nail. When infected, we can distinguish a characteristic smell (sweet and putrid). The bacterium attacks organisms with reduced immunity. Often appears with onycholysis of the nail plate.

The presence of Pseudobacilli on the nail can cause symptoms throughout the body (including muscle pain, bronchitis, cystitis).


- frequent hand soaking or washing

- repeated injuries of the nails and the periungual zone (scratches, damage to the epidermis),

- nail biting,

- incorrectly selected footwear (e.g. too tight),

- wearing nail styling for a long time and not following the recommendations,

- use of the sauna, swimming pool, jacuzzi.

How to prevent infection?

- use nail styling services only in salons that use disposable or properly disinfected and sterilized tools,

- use gloves during housework,

- do not bite your nails,

- wear properly selected footwear and socks made of appropriate materials,

- strengthen the body's immunity throughout the year.

How to get rid of the problem?

To effectively deal with the blue pus bacillus, you should go to a specialist. The podiatrist will thoroughly clean the affected nail, select the appropriate therapy and recommend preparations that will make the treatment more effective.

Remember about regular visits, control the condition of nails to avoid similar problems in the future.

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