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Pedicure: Podiatrist vs. Beautician - differences that will immerse you in the world of foot care!

If you have noticed why a podologist does not perform a hybrid pedicure, or have wondered about the differences between a pedicure at a podiatrist and cosmetic treatments, I hope that our view on this topic will be interesting for you.

Both podiatrists and estheticians offer foot care treatments such as pedicures, but their approach, scope of practice and goals differ.

  • Podologist: a specialist dealing with the therapy and prevention of foot diseases. The podiatrist focuses on the health of nails and foot skin, as well as the treatment of problems such as mycosis, ingrown/screwing nails, corns and viral warts (warts). He advises on prevention and a healthy lifestyle related to feet. A podiatrist has specialized education in podiatry

  • Beautician: focuses on the aesthetic aspects of foot care, offering nail shortening and painting, as well as refreshing the epidermis of the soles of the feet.

Why doesn't a good podiatrist perform pedicures with hybrid painting?

  1. Nail and foot skin health: A podiatrist focuses on the health of nails and foot skin. The hybrid may contain chemicals and ingredients that potentially affect the health of your nails, especially if they are weakened or damaged.

  2. Possibility of covering health problems: The hybrid can mask the symptoms of nail health problems, such as fungus or other diseases. The podiatrist does not mask the symptoms but introduces therapy to restore health, aesthetics and comfort.

  3. Specialized approach: The podiatrist deals with cases such as ingrown/screwing nails, corns, calluses, viral warts (warts), mycosis, cracked heels, post-traumatic nails. When performing a pedicure, the aim is to restore the health, aesthetics and comfort of the feet. It introduces proper nail care without weakening the nail plates or aggravating their symptoms.

Although hybrid pedicure is intended to improve the aesthetics of nails, the podiatrist emphasizes the health aspect, which means he avoids certain cosmetic treatments.

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