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Podiatrist – A specialist in nail health, including the hands!

Lesions – fingernails

It happens that the symptoms visible on the fingernails can be a sign of various diseases. Changes in the shape, color or structure of the nails can indicate infections, vitamin deficiencies or even more serious health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or psoriasis.

Podiatrist as a central specialist A podiatrist is not only concerned with the care and health of toenails. Thanks to his knowledge and experience, he can effectively treat various nail diseases, including those on the hands, and help customers maintain health and aesthetics.

It's worth noting that a visit to a podiatrist isn't just for people struggling with serious health issues. Regular visits to this specialist can help prevent and maintain the health of your nails and hands. This specialist can provide advice on appropriate home care, help identify early signs of health problems, and take appropriate preventive measures.

A podiatrist is not only an expert in foot health, but also an excellent specialist when it comes to hand nails. Remember to see a podiatrist regularly, especially if you notice lesions on your nails.

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By taking care of the health of your feet and hands, you are taking care of the health of your entire body.

Author: Dominika Cichecka

Specialist in podiatry

Sterilization technician

Accepted by: MY FOOT Podiatry Center in Wroclaw and Wolsztyn

I am the founder of My FOOT Podiatry Center. I have been working in the podiatry industry since my early school days. I received my education at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. I also studied independently at a podiatry school in Katowice.

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