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Effective ways to fight viral warts (warts)!

Viral warts are commonly called warts.

They are caused by infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV), mainly HPV1 and HPV2 on the feet. They most commonly occur in children and adolescents.

What do viral warts look like?

The characteristic features of warts are small, wart-like skin lesions with a rough surface. There are often characteristic black spots.

We distinguish:

Myrmecia – usually single, deep, painful warts with a tendency to enlarge. They resemble a print.

Mosaic – extensive, superficial changes, tend to recur.

How can infection occur?

Most often in public places, e.g. swimming pools, saunas, gyms, locker rooms, hotels, shoe stores, etc. The formation of viral warts is favored by: skin damage, excessive sweating, excessive skin dryness, reduced immunity, pregnancy, hormonal changes. Up to several months may pass from the moment of infection until the first symptoms appear.

How to prevent skin lesions from occurring?

Appropriate footwear should be worn at the swimming pool or in other public places. It is also important to strengthen the body's immunity through a healthy diet, regular physical activity and avoiding stress.

Viral warts therapy.

There are several methods for removing viral warts:

chemical, cryoptherapy, laser therapy, electrocoagulation.

The method of combating warts is determined individually by a specialist. The sooner therapy is started, the sooner the changes will be removed.

Delaying therapy may cause viral warts to spread to further parts of the skin.

Viral warts can be a bothersome dermatological problem, but there are many effective treatment and prevention methods. It is important to consult an experienced specialist who will help you select the appropriate therapy tailored to the individual needs of the client.


Prevention and personal hygiene are very important to minimize the risk of HPV infection and the occurrence of viral warts.

Author: Dominika Cichecka

Podiatry specialist

Sterilization technician

M.Sc. Cosmetologist

Accepted by: MY FOOT Podiatry Center in Wrocław and Wolsztyn

I am the founder of My FOOT Podiatry Center. Since my early school years, I have been involved in the podiatry industry. I received my education at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. I also studied independently at a podology school in Katowice.

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