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Secrets of healthy and well-groomed feet in winter!

Winter is the season when we are exposed to low temperatures, snow and frost. That's why our feet need special care.

We'll introduce you to some simple but effective ways to care for your feet on cold days.

Choose the right footwear: Choose shoes that are not only fashionable, but also warm, moisture-resistant and not too tight.

Warm socks: Invest in high-quality, warm socks made from natural fibers. You can choose models made of merino wool, which perfectly retains heat and wicks away moisture. Also remember not to wear socks that are too tight as they can affect blood circulation.

Moisturizing creams: The skin of the feet needs moisture, especially in winter when the air is dry. Use moisturizers regularly to keep your skin elastic and prevent cracking.

Avoid soaking your feet in water for a long period of time: Although a warm bath is advisable, avoid soaking your feet in water for a long period of time as it may cause excessive dryness of the skin.

Regular care: Care for your feet regularly by trimming your nails properly, removing calloused skin and paying attention to new growths. Remember that proper care is the key to healthy feet all year round.

Winter doesn't have to be hard on our feet. With proper care and attention, we can enjoy the charms of winter without compromising the health of our legs.

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