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Calluses - what is it and who can help?

How to recognize them?

Hard, yellow-brown, round or oval skin lesions on the feet. They have blurred boundaries and a smooth surface. Felt when walking. Calluses also appear on the hands. The most common location: soles of the feet, fingertips, metatarsal heads.

Causes of formation:

- incorrect footwear:

too tight or loose, with a thin, hard sole, high heel,

- disturbed biomechanics,

- degenerative diseases,

- obesity,

- hallux valgus,

- hammer fingers,

- no socks in shoes,

- thyroid diseases,

- cardiovascular disease,

- too frequent and intense abrasion of the epidermis.

How to get rid of calluses?

The best solution is to go to a specialist.

The subologist will develop skin changes and select care preparations. He will recommend home procedures and approach the problem comprehensively.

Remember that without removing the cause, calluses will renew themselves.

Regular visits to the podiatrist's office are a very important element of therapy.

Change your footwear to properly fitted ones, wear socks and tights only made of natural materials, an individual orthopedic insole may be the solution to the problem, and remember about proper home care.


Self-removal of skin lesions at home leads to injuries and faster growth of the epidermis, the formation of calluses.

Popular exfoliating socks disturb the keratinization process and also damage the healthy, unchanged skin of the feet.

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