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Clamps for ingrown and screwing nails - a way to fight the problem

Orthonyx braces are used to treat ingrown and screwing nails. It is a safe and effective solution that allows you to remove the problem painlessly.

What are ingrown nails you will learn from our blog

Orthonyx braces - what are they?

These are small, metal wires placed on the nail by a podiatrist specialist.

The clamp exerts a slight tension, thanks to which it lifts the side edges of the nail and prevents it from digging into the skin, and corrects the nail growth path.

How long does it take to fight the problem of ingrown/screwing nails with braces?

The therapy lasts for several weeks or months, depending on the individual case. Requires regular visits.

In our office, we correct ingrown and screwing nails with a Fraser clamp or a titanium clamp. Both buckles are metal. The Fraser clasp is hooked with hooks on either side of the nail.

On the other hand, the titanium clamp is attached to the nail plate, without the need to form hooks. The type of brace is selected by the podiatrist during a visit to the office.

Braces therapy is safe, effective and most importantly - PAINLESS, it also does not exclude from everyday activities.

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