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Computer foot examination - what is it and why is it worth it?

Computer foot examination - what is it and why is it worth it? Feet play a very important role in our everyday lives. They carry us, covering many thousands of kilometers. They also influence the overall posture of the body and spine. Despite their important function, they are often underestimated. We often don't pay attention to their health until problems arise.

That's why we want to introduce you to the fascinating technology of computer foot examination on a strain gauge mat.

What does computer foot examination include in our offices?

- dynamic testing on a strain gauge mat,

- static examination,

- balance test,

- videography,

- examination on a sub-scanner.

Strain gauge mat - what is it?

This is an advanced device that enables the analysis of pressure and the distribution of pressure forces on the feet. Provides valuable information about foot health and biomechanics.

Why is it worth performing a computerized foot examination?

Foot examination allows for a thorough analysis of the pressure on each area of the foot. This can help detect problems that may be difficult to see visually.

It enables early detection of foot diseases, which is crucial for the effective prevention of more serious problems.

Based on the test results, the therapy can be adjusted and individual shoe inserts tailored to the client's individual needs can be made.

The examination allows you to monitor progress in therapy or rehabilitation, which allows you to adjust your individual plan.

For whom ?

Recommended for problematic feet, athletes, seniors, people with pain, and people who value comfort.

What's next?

The test results are analyzed and then sent to the workshop to create appropriate insoles for your feet.

This is where an individual insole is created for the left and right foot.

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