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Healthy feet and intense physical activity

Intense physical activity and the practice of various types of sports have numerous benefits for general health and well-being.

Nevertheless, we must not forget that our feet play a key role in performing these activities. For this reason, podiatry care is extremely important for athletes to avoid injuries, chronic problems and discomfort.

How intense physical activity and various types of sports affect the health of the feet?

Physical activity, especially of an intense nature, places additional demands on the feet. When running, jumping or performing dynamic movements, the feet absorb enormous forces and loads. This can lead to microtrauma, arthritis, tendon strain, and other problems.

For athletes who engage in regular training, foot monitoring becomes a key element of injury prevention.

Best practices in podiatry care for athletes

Choosing the right footwear: Choosing the right sports footwear is fundamental. Different sports require different types of shoes, adapted to the specific movements and surfaces. Proper cushioning, stability and foot support in footwear are key elements that help protect your feet from injury.

Regular Podiatry Visits: Athletes should see podiatrists on a regular basis. Consultations and regular visits can detect earlier signs of foot problems, such as ingrown toenails, abrasions or corns.

Warm-up and stretching: Before starting your workout, make sure you warm up and stretch properly. This will help minimize the risk of injury and prepare your feet for intense effort.

Hygiene and hydration: Proper foot hygiene is especially important for athletes. Moisture can lead to the formation of fungus or infection. Regular washing, drying and the use of properly selected creams help maintain the healthy condition of the skin of the feet.


The high humidity and heat that prevail in sports shoes favor the development of the athlete's foot. This is a common foot skin infection caused by dermatophyte fungus. Athletes and physically active people are particularly susceptible to this problem. Proper hygiene, avoidance of wet areas, and the use of appropriate anti-fungal agents are key elements in the prevention and treatment of athlete's foot.



Itching and burning of the skin of the feet, especially between the toes.

Red, peeling patches on the feet.

Cracks, abrasions and skin irritations.

The presence of blisters and hyperkeratosis of the skin.

Unpleasant smell.


Athletes must pay special attention to podiatry care to avoid injury, chronic problems and discomfort. Caring for the health of your feet is an investment in long-term sports activity and general well-being.

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