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How to take care of your feet during the holidays?

Holidays are a time when many of us go for long walks, sunbathing, hiking in the mountains or other outdoor activities.

During these hot months, it is worth taking special care of our feet, which are exposed to various kinds of unpleasantness.

Our podiatrist will share some practical tips on foot care.

1. Choose comfortable shoes that fit well and are made of breathable materials.

2. Remember to use sunscreen to protect your feet from sunburn.

3. Keep your feet clean by washing them daily.

4. Dry your feet thoroughly after washing, especially between the toes to avoid the growth of bacteria and fungus.

5. Avoid going barefoot in public places, such as swimming pools or showers, and wear flip-flops or sandals.

6. Moisturize your feet regularly with foot cream or lotion, especially before going to bed, avoiding the spaces between the toes.

7. Break up long sitting in one position while traveling by stretching and wiggling your toes.

8. Take advantage of a specialist podiatry treatment. The podiatrist will remove keratinized epidermis, corns, calluses, develop cracking heels, periungual folds and properly shorten the nails. He will also recommend individually selected home care.

Regular use of podiatry treatments allows you to keep your feet healthy and beautiful throughout the year.

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