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Individual shoe inserts - do you need them too?

Individual insoles are designed based on the results of a computer foot examination performed by a specialist.

They are adapted to the individual needs of each person and their effects are diverse.

Benefits of using individual inserts:

- improved stability,

- reduction of pain, discomfort,

- improvement of body posture,

- improvement of comfort and convenience,

- support for the functioning of the body,

- correction of irregularities,

- improvement of gait biomechanics,

- even distribution of body weight.

For whom?

- athletes,

- people with posture defects,

- people with abnormal biomechanics,

- people with flat feet, excessive pronation, supination,

- people who spend many hours on their feet,

- people with recurrent foot problems,

- people with foot deformities,

- overweight people,

- to improve comfort.

Individual inserts are a personalized solution, which means that they are designed with the individual needs of each person in mind.

Therefore, they are suitable for a wide range of people who seek to improve the comfort and health of their feet.

Properly selected insoles can significantly improve the comfort of life.

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