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Ingrown toenail - a problem of aesthetic and physical nature

Ingrown toenails are a disease entity entered into the International Classification of Diseases as code L06.0. The ingrowth of the nail plate is a process in which the nail is deformed to varying degrees and intensity. This phenomenon leads to interference in the tissue of the nail shafts. It often causes inflammation in the finger area: pain, redness, increased warmth, dysfunction, swelling.


- Incorrect nail trimming: too short, too rounded or too tight,

- wearing ill-fitting footwear - e.g. shoes that are too tight, too high heels that press the fingers,

- congenital foot or nail defects,

- nail injuries,

- incorrect biomechanics.

Consequences of negligence:

- can lead to necrosis

- amputation of the big toe and even most of the foot.

If you are concerned about the problem of an ingrown toenail, go to a podiatrist for several reasons:

1. Specialists from the podiatry office have knowledge and experience in the treatment of ingrown nails. They can accurately diagnose the cause of the problem and carry out appropriate therapy.

2. Treating an ingrown toenail on your own is painful, so it requires a specialized approach to minimize pain and avoid complications.

3. Treating an ingrown toenail at home can increase the risk of infection and other complications. In the podiatry office, the therapy is carried out in safe conditions, with the highest standards of hygiene.

4. The podiatrist can recommend appropriate exercises, changing shoes or other preventive measures to prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

A visit to the podiatrist is recommended in case of an ingrown toenail, as it will help to avoid complications and speed up the healing process. The podiatrist can also advise on how to prevent this problem from recurring in the future.


One visit is usually not enough to get rid of the problem. Often, wearing an orthodontic brace is an effective way to get rid of an ingrowth.

The podiatrist will plan a therapy plan and guide you out of the problem.

Your systematic work from home will also be of great importance.

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