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Nails changed by disease - do they have to be your everyday life?

How do they look?

Changed color of the plate, crumbling, calluses under the nail, detachment of the plate from the bed (onycholysis), changed structure, surface of the nails.

Reasons include:

- bacterial infection

- fungal infection,

- mechanical injuries.

How to fight them?

You should contact a specialist who will conduct an extensive interview.

In case of doubt whether your nails have been infected with a fungal pathogen, it will be necessary to conduct a mycological examination.

During the visit, the specialist will thoroughly clean the affected nails. It is a painless procedure. Removal of the changed fragments will allow for better absorption of active substances from the preparations that the podiatrist will recommend during the visit.

One visit is not enough to get rid of the problem. You should regularly attend a treatment during which the nails will be cleaned and observed by a specialist.

How long does therapy last?

The time depends on the advancement of the lesions, their size and type. The regrowth of a healthy plate can take from several to several months.


Post-traumatic nails are often confused with fungal nails. Therefore, an extensive interview conducted by a specialist and appropriately selected preparations are very important in therapy. If you are systematic and diligent, your nails will grow back healthy.

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