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Post-traumatic nail - can it be saved?

Nail after What is a post-traumatic nail?

It is a damaged nail.

Most often it arises as a result of mechanical injury, Impact, crushing, pressing, walking for many hours in too tight footwear, incorrectly shortened, too long toenails or other form of nail injury.

The post-traumatic nail is characterized by changes in color and shape, has slowed growth, is furrowed, and often breaks.

It may be accompanied by pain and swelling, especially in recent injuries. traumatic - can it be saved?

How can a podiatrist help?

In the case of fresh injuries, the podiatrist can drain the blood under the nail and recommend further treatment. This treatment will reduce pain and swelling around the treatment site.

In the case of nails damaged some time ago, the specialist develops the nail by removing the damaged part and performing an appropriate care procedure that will ensure proper reconstruction and renewal of the nail. It may be necessary to remove the entire nail. During the procedure, the subologist puts on a specialized dressing that supports the regeneration and nourishment of the treatment site. It is also necessary to apply special preparations and perform special massages and exercises recommended by a specialist.

In any case, it is worth consulting a podiatrist in order to determine the best method of treating a post-traumatic nail and preventing complications.

Regular visits to the podiatrist are crucial for maintaining the health and beauty of our feet.

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