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Specialist (therapeutic) pedicure - do our feet need it?

Specialist pedicure is a podological treatment performed by a professional. It consists in the preparation and cleaning of nails and nail shafts, removal of calluses, calluses, corns and other skin ailments of our feet.

Each treatment ends with the application of a properly selected preparation to the skin and nails of the feet.

After a professionally performed treatment, the client also receives home recommendations so that the effect achieved during the visit lasts as long as possible.

For whom?

- for everyone, regardless of gender and age,

- for people struggling with corns, calluses, hyperkeratosis, cracking heels, etc.

- for people with clawed, overgrown, fungal, post-traumatic nails, with onycholysis,

- for anyone who wants to improve the comfort and appearance of their feet.

How often to do it?

It is best to repeat the treatment every 6-8 weeks.


Following the recommendations for home care given by the podiatrist will enhance the treatment effect.

An important element is also the exclusion and leveling of factors provoking the formation of skin lesions.

Properly selected footwear, socks made of natural materials, individual shoe inserts will have a positive effect on the health of our feet.

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