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What diseases does a podiatrist treat?

Did you know that your feet are not only the foundation of your body, but also the key to maintaining overall health? This is why podiatry is so important.

Our team of experienced podologists examines the feet and treats foot diseases. We know that each foot is unique and requires an individual approach. Podology services include a wide range of treatments, from basic hygiene and prevention to advanced therapies for diseases:

- Corns and calluses: these are some of the most common foot problems.

- Ingrown toenails: painful and can lead to infection.

- Athlete's foot and nail fungus: this is an infection caused by a fungus.

- Foot deformities: flat feet, valgus, hallux valgus: can cause discomfort and mobility problems.

- Damage to the skin and nails: such as abrasions, cracks, damage to the nails.

- Diabetic feet: diabetic patients are at higher risk of complications.

- Podiatry pedicure.

- Development of diseased nails.

- Development of post-traumatic nails.

- Removal of hematomas under the nail plate.

These are just a few examples of diseases that a podiatrist deals with.

If you have any foot related problems, please consult us.


Your feet are the foundation of your health. Take care of them today and enjoy comfort and confidence!

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