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Your safety in our hands!

In our MY FOOT Podiatry Center offices, we take care of your safety!

We use the highest quality cleaning products and disposable materials. We use comprehensive procedures for disinfection and sterilization of tools.

Our staff has the necessary qualifications in the sterilization of medical instruments, which are confirmed by appropriate diplomas and certificates.

Safety and hygiene are not only our priority, but also the foundation of our podiatry practice. In our offices, there is no room for compromise when it comes to caring for the health and comfort of our clients!

We use strict cleanliness procedures to ensure maximum safety and comfort during your visit.

Each MY FOOT Podiatry Center has a high-quality class B autoclave (this is the highest class of sterilizers, in accordance with the EN 13060 standard, classified as a class IIb medical device, in accordance with Annex IX of Directive 93/42/EEC.) in which they are sterilized in accordance with procedures, reusable tools.

Before sterilization, the tools are disinfected using specialized medical agents.

Disposable tools and articles needed for the procedure, such as pedicure caps, scalpels and chisels used when preparing feet. All these products are used only for one client and then placed in special bags/containers for medical waste.

Our staff uses disposable gloves and masks. Before starting the procedure, he or she ensures proper hand hygiene. After each treatment, the offices are cleaned and disinfected.

Why is sterility of tools crucial?

Infection prevention: Improperly prepared tools may contribute to the transmission of bacteria, fungi and viruses. The use of sterile instruments is fundamental in preventing infections and maintaining hygiene.

Patient Safety: Every podiatrist should ensure the safety of their clients. The use of properly sterilized or disposable tools minimizes the risk of disease transmission.

Professionalism and trust: Clients care not only about the effectiveness of therapy, but also about the sense of security. The use of sterile tools proves professionalism and concern for the patient's well-being, which builds trust in the specialist.

The use of sterile tools in a podiatry office is an investment in patients' health and professionalism. For the sake of the feet and the patient's well-being, the podiatrist should always follow the highest standards of sterilization and hygiene.

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